January 30th, 2013

Dear Lover,

Its funny how  when I feel like I have no classes, that I don’t have motivation to do anything… I should really use this time to invest in another hobby. I think I’m gonna go to the gym later… well depends on the weather I guess.  I really want to do something that will change the world.. I wonder if thats in Gods plan for me =) Oh well 


January 29th, 2013

Dear Lover,

   Today, something really opened up my eye. I’ve been bad at not judging others. I’ve allowed other’s opinions to influence my views, and those are opinions that are judgemental. I really need to learn not to be judgemental, and I pray that you would pray for me. This is one journal entry that I will allow you to read in my spritual diary becuase i can not write it up here for breach of security privacy concerns of a friend of mine. Please reference January 29th, 2013 in my spiritual diary for more on this situation. I am fine, but my friend is really struggling. Please pray for her and her brother.  I am sorry for being judgmental before.  I should never judge a person. Lesson Learned 

Dear Lover,

I prayed for you today. In the middle of the day I got stressed. The Pastors message today was entitled “Jesus Save me !! ( From Matthew 8:23-27) He made a good point  and asked us questions to ask ourselves. How often are our prayers marked with timidity and fear ? Do we believe that he’ll help us ww this storm ? Do we believe that he can help us through the storm ? Maybe we’re praying with our lips, but do we believe he’s actually going to help us ?

What does prayer with confidence look like then ?

1. Do not be anxious about anything

2. Prayer comes before others. Ie. If you run into a problem, do you have a disposition to go talk to your parents, family, friends first before prayer ?

Each thorn is to show us a way we can trust him. It is to encourage us to trust him in situations that we feel are beyond our control. If God rescued us from ugly sin and death, dont’ you think he has the power to rescue us from illness ?  From academic struggles ? From familial strains ?  So when he rescues us, and he will , we need  to worship him.

How do you respond now when he rescues us ?

January 27th, 2013

January 26th, 2013

Dear Lover,

 What exactly does it mean by the word love ? I’ve found myself often wondering what it meant. We’ve never been put in situations to really test our love. Some people say its when you are willing to die for the other person.  Some people say its when you are willing to listen to the other person. Some people say love is a test. I’ve seen so much strain in different relationships around my life, – mother/father relationships, sibling relationships, boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. What are some things that will cause tension ? Though I understand that nobodys relationship is perfect, i do want to minimze tension.

On a side note, this is weird but everyone thinks I’m super mature…. am I ? Or are they just observing me from the outside, and I don’t know what I’m doing. I still feel like I have my days…… and I don’t have my days….

January 25th, 2013

 Saw this on a tumblr post.

“You have so many excuses. You have so many fears. You say, ” God, I can’t do it. I’m too weak. I’m pathetic. It’s impossible.” But God looks at you and says ” But beloved, since when did it become all about you ? It’s about me. It’s my promise. I will guide you. I’ll never leave you .” 

January 24th, 2013

Dear Lover,

 SNOWWW.  First measurable snowfall.. though only an inch. You’re going to get a snowball smacked into your face =)  I can’t wait to be kids again and lie on the ground and make snow angels and snowmen together =)  I aint going to let my homework suppress me from being a kid at heart =)